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Project Overview

The Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) is updating the 2017 Southeast Area Study (SEAS) to refresh its policies and practices and produce recommendations for land use and transportation. The study focuses on the evolving priorities and needs in parts of Wake and Johnston County. The SEAS Update will review the existing conditions of the study area and recommend regional improvements for future land use and development and multiple modes of transportation including roadways, bicycle, and pedestrian needs, transit, and even freight and rail considerations. The recommendations that come out of the SEAS Update will inform the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), a region-wide long-range transportation plan that is updated every four years.

In addition to a technical analysis, public feedback will heavily inform the SEAS Update, so we need to hear from you! 

What is an Area Study?

CAMPO conducts area studies to allow a deep dive into the local road network, multimodal plans, and opportunities in a smaller study area of the region.

Study Area Map

Engagement Activities

Phase 2 Engagement has closed. Please check back for future updates.

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Process and Schedule

The SEAS Update planning process will occur over the span of 14 months, beginning in April 2022 and concluding with final plan adoption in June 2023. The planning process is structured around three main phases of public engagement as seen below:

Latest Update!

Right now the project team is summarizing Phase 2 Engagement feedback, finalizing projects, and starting to write the report.

Mar - Apr 2022

Start Up and Preparation

Engagement Diagnostic


Public Engagement Plan

Data Collection

May - Aug 2022

State of the Region

Policy and Plan Review

Baseline Scenarios

Deficiency Analysis

Hot Spot Identification


Listen and learn from the public to seek input on vision, goals, and study area challenges.

Sept 2022 - Jan 2023

Multimodal Recommendations Development

Scenario Testing

Policy and Land Use Best Practices Toolbox

Hot Spot Analysis


Seek input on potential preferred and recommended alternatives.

Feb - May 2023


Cost Opinions

Implementation Strategy



Present final recommendations to the public for review and comment.

June 2023

Presentations and Adoption Efforts

Meeting Calendar

This calendar displays our SOT meeting dates.